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Edible Finger Paints

This recipe came from the Imagination Tree; perfect for babies and toddlers who just cant resist having a taste of whatever they are playing with! This edible finger paint is really easy to make, fantastically gooey, and provides a truly tactile painting experience.

For the recipe, hop over to The Imagination Tree's post. 

First mix the cornflour and cold water together, then add a cup of boiling water at a time and stir between each one, then keep stirring until you get a wonderful white goo, which is itself a great messy play material to play with. You can then divide the mixture into as many different bowls as you like and add a different colour to each one. 

Because of the white base mixture the paint has a nice milky/pastel-y tone to it which is different from most other paints, and it has a more sculptural feel on the paper too so its a great sensory alternative from ordinary painting! Completely washable too!

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