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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Child Led Play - Bits and Bobs in Bowls

mini discovery bowls

Jake loves playing with our keys, which live in a bowl in the kitchen; one day after bringing the bowl into the living room for Jake to play with he ran to his drawer in the kitchen (where all his cups, bowls, cutlery is) and bought out 3 more bowls. He then tipped the keys into one of these bowls and then found his string of christmas beads and put them into another bowl. As I watched him merrily tip the keys and beads from bowl to bowl I decided to get some other bits for him, and so got some conkers we had collected and some stones from the garden. 

I didn't direct the play at all, just stood back and took photos and picked up the odd conker that went flying! It was lovely to watch him investigate and sort through the bowls.

And of course the obligatory bowls on the head! :) 

Jake's idea reminded me of sensory tubs, so we went and collected some autumnal goodies for some seasonal sensory fun! WIll post soon. 

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