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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Homemade Paint

After the success of the edible finger paints  and having run out of our normal poster paints I decided to try and devise a recipe for homemade paint! 

After mixing various ingredients up in my head I concluded that the best recipe would be a simple flour and water paste (quite a runny one) with a few squirts of washing up liquid to make it nice and shiny, and of course some food colouring. 

I didn't fully mix the blue food colouring so it stayed with this lovely marbled effect.

This gorgeous purple paint was coloured with blue food colouring
and beetroot juice! And I couldn't resist adding a little sparkle of red glitter. Well, why not!?

I was more than pleased with how they turned out, and we used them for some spaghetti painting which Ill be posting next! To paint with they were similar to poster paints, but when dried had a rougher, matt texture, which created a pastel like effect. Experiment with your own recipes and please come back to share! 


  1. what do you mean by washing liquid.
    do you mean liquid soap or soap for wasing clothes?

    1. Washing up liquid, like Fairy liquid - that you wash dishes with - dish soap? Uk - USA translation :P

    2. Dish soap in the US.... When I was in Scotland this summer I noticed that the label on the dish soap was 'washing up liquid.' Cute differences!

  2. You paint looks great! The colours are brilliant! Good thinking, creating your own recipe! (and yes, in Canada we call it dish soap or liquid dish detergent).


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