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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Painting Extravaganza

We set out to paint some cardboard tubes to make some homemade threading and counting blocks, however once they were painted we carried on and had a painting extravaganza! There's always time for a little mess though! :-) 
the calm before the storm - painting tubes!
but the paper is much more interesting
Still haven't managed to paint the tubes, but they're great for printing circles 
Obviously hands are much more fun than brushes! 
Mixing colours together is great fun too. 
Jake asked for his plastic numbers and tried printing with them!
Number prints & finding out the blue and yellow makes green! 

"Drawing" (Jake's words) with cotton buds (cue tips)

I painted the cardboard tubes as Jake was interested in everything but! It was a good session of creativity and mess, and made me think about lots of potential painting projects in future using Jake's toys and other bits and pieces we have at home. It was great to see Jake's fascination at each 'tool's' different effect and what he could do with them, he also loves choosing colours and mixing them up to make new ones. 

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