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Super Messy Spaghetti Painting

Following on from the home-made paint, here is the spaghetti painting that we used the paint for. (Forgive the photos, they were on my phone as my camera batteries ran out).
Knowing how messy this would be and given it was such a lovely I decided we'd do this outside. I gave Jake a different bowl of paint at a time, a big tub of spaghetti and some plain paper. I showed him how to dip the spaghetti in the pain and then place it on the paper and lift it off. 
He loved mixing the spaghetti and the paint together, then piling the different colours together. He really enjoyed squelching the messy spaghetti and watching the paint drip off it. 

With a little encouragement I got him back to actually putting the spaghetti on the paper ... 

... and we made this gorgeous marbled effect painting! 
Next time we'll use more contrasting colours to see what effect that has. It was a great art activity with a lovely outcome, but an even better sensory process! 
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