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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Coloured Rice Sticking

I had stocked up on food colouring and wanted to use them straight away, of course!! I had an activity colouring penne pasta on my list, but no penne pasta in the cupboards! Rummaging through I found a big bag of rice and thought it was perfect! 
NOTE: I had natural red food colouring... I would not advise using this for this type of activity; where the other food colouring dries and doesn't stain, this red food colouring did not and came off on our hands.

Jake's finished pictures:

When Jake had finished sticking he wanted to play with the rice, mixing the colours, pouring from one bowl to another...
What does it feel like?

And pouring of course! Lots of mess!
A fab creative activity all about colours and patterns - you can add other things to stick, or add paint too? For older children you could draw a picture and they can fill it in with the colours to make a textured scene! And a fantastic sensory idea too - you could make a whole sensory bucket with different coloured rice, pasta, lentils and seeds? Or take an egg box or some small bowls and make a simple sorting activity! Endless possibilities...


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  2. What is he sticking it too? Paper with glue? Contact Paper?


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