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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Painting Salt Dough

After we made and baked the salt dough I let Jake loose with the paint and glitter! Jake was excited to re-visit his creations (it was a couple of days later), "my handprint", "my circles", "my rainbow"!
Choosing colours to paint with...
A dab of paint on each :-)
Exploring glitter...
He absolutely loved it! 
(The paper was a blank sheet of stickers, which i grabbed thinking it was paper when Jake wanted to paint some more.)

The finished creations - with a teensy bit of help from Mummy! :-)  He was really proud of his creations and couldn't wait to show Daddy as soon as he came home!


  1. These ideas are just PERFECT for me to send along to my reader! Thank you so so much for sharing this collection! Fab ideas here for her to do with her little guy!
    Jackie x

  2. Thanks Jackie; I hope your reader enjoys them too; so nice of you to find them all for her. Have a lovely weekend :)


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