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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Eric Carle Inspired Painting

This was one of our favourite activities, inspired again by The Imagination Tree - their Eric Carle Tissue Paper Prints were just gorgeous and we had to try them! We adapted it to use different toys and objects we had around the house to make different marks and patterns, I also stuck the coloured tissue paper onto normal paper to make it a bit more robust! 

Stickle bricks are fab for printing little circles

Printing with blocks

Big strokes with a paintbrush

A playdough roller to get wide lines

Car wheels! This can be an activity of its own, so much fun! 

A ping pong ball is lots of fun (and lots of mess)

Jake's fab creations hanging out to dry...

The prints looked fantastic and really vibrant, and the process was really explorative for Jake; lots of textures, shapes, patterns and mark making ideas! 

Just as the Imagination Tree did we turned these into some lovely initial art, as you'll see in the next post! 

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