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Spray Painting Leaves

I saw this fab idea here at Artful Adventures and just had to try it. I should start by saying that if you're not using watercolours like I didn't you might need to experiment with the ratio of paint to water, and I would advise using some heavy good quality paper. As usual Jake and I got too excited about starting it and it didn't work as well as it could have done, however Jake LOVED spraying the paints and didn't remotely care about the outcome!!! 

You will need: 
- some empty spray bottles
- paints, preferably water colours
- paper or another surface 
- some leaves or other shapes to spray around

I would also recommend this as an outside activity! ;)

Off we went collecting 

We talked about the different shapes

When we got back we stuck the leaves down... 
and Jake got spraying straight away! 

we used purple, orange and green for an autumnal feel

our paper wasn't great, so I got an old towel to spray on too

...and of course Jake just had to spray the whole garden too!!

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