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Easy Toddler Reward Chart!


We decided to try a reward chart with Jake (now 26 months) for a variety of things; including sleeping all night in his bed (which worked by the way!). We started with a 99p store sticker chart, which had the desired effect but the stickers were very small, and it was soon full and we would have had to go and get another one, so I decided to make one myself. 

I made this 'prototype' out of an old nappy (diaper) box, spray painted it silver (as we had some left over from christmas crafts), cut out 3 different sized stars and drew round them with different coloured marker pens to make the place holders, then coloured in the stars and spray painted silver to make the stickers. I also added the number of each star as Jake loves numbers. The stars stick onto the board with a tiny bit of velcro (which is very cheap from your local fabric shop, or quite expensive online)! A quick bit of decorating with dots and it was all done! 

Well, Jake loves it, its super simple and he can put the stars on by himself cos they're nice a chunky! - It would probably be better if they were laminated so that they'll last longer (thats on my list of things to do, as is buy a laminator!) but they've lasted a good month already with very little wear and tear! And Jake easily grasps the concept that he gets a star for a particular good deed or behaviour, and when he's got all the stars on the board he gets a small treat (normally a couple of chocolate buttons or half a pack if Daddy is giving them!). 

Of course this can be easily modified to have your child's favourite shape or object on it, for instance you could have 3 cars on it, or 5 sparkly hearts! I know not everyone is a fan of reward charts, but the way I see it, any positive reinforcement is a good thing and far better to celebrate our children than reprimand them! 

Have a go! And please share any designs that you make!

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  1. This is adorable. We made our reward chart too and I think it is wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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