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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Herb & Spice Playdough

making the playdough is as much fun as playing with it


smelling some fresh lemon thyme

Herb and Spice Playdough is a lovely sensory activity. Its fun to make and fun to play with!
We used our simple playdough recipe and added mixed herbs and some fresh lemon thyme to the green dough and mixed spices to the yellow! 

Jake loved smelling the herbs and spices and asked lots of questions about what they are for, he liked shaking them out of their pots and of course mixing them into the dough. 

Then as soon as it was ready he got to work making wiggly worms and cakes! After about 30 minutes he asked for the 'rolling thingy' and set out squashing the yellow and green together, so we now have 3 shades of lovely citrusy yellow and greens in the fridge waiting for another rainy day! 

Please share your playdough ideas!

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