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Bath Crystals

So, I accidentally ordered some short grain rice in the shopping - I am going to make some yummy rice pudding with it - but I was struck by how perfectly lovely the rice looked for some sort of sensory activity... With nothing in particular in mind I just decided to turn them bright blue with some food colouring and put them away for a sensory tray creation on another day. 

However, I added too much colouring so there was excess in the bowl after all the rice had absorbed it, so instead of washing it off I thought it would be a good idea to put them in the bath for Jake to play with (pouring, fishing, sieving, etc) and turn the bath water blue! And that was that - amazing bath crystals that transform a bath into a blue lagoon! 

You can re-use them, just add a little more food coluring each time!
Amazing blue bath! and yes, it is amazing for a 2 and a half year old!

You could get creative with this too - different colours, colour mixing in the bath, add some sea creatures. I love activities that are so simple but fuel a toddler's imagination! Jake knows that it was rice and he watched me mix the food colouring in, but he quite happily accepts that it has become 'magic bath crystals'! :-) Homemade is always best. 

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