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Letter Matching

Very little thought went into this activity - I had recently sorted Jake's toys into baskets so that all the letter toys were together, all the shapes together, etc. We got down the letter basket to play with and Jake picked out the Alphabet cards and plastic letters and asked me to play with him and it just went from there. Some of the best things we do happen like this.
Plastic letters and numbers are great for so many things
These came from the 99p store

These cards are great because they have upper and lower case on them
I just laid the cards out and Jake immediately started matching
 the letters! 

This was really simple, and a great activity for early literacy learning - the cards show both upper and lower case letters and a picture to help encourage letter to sound association, and being able to hold and feel the shape of the plastic letters helps develop letter recognition. Its got me thinking about other games that we can create too!

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