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Online Games for Toddlers

I am currently entertaining a toddler whilst breastfeeding my baby girl, and there are lots of rainy days forecast so I have been looking for some relatively educational computer games for little ones. Jake enjoys them and there is no denying, like it or not, computers are a massive part of every day life now, so teaching our children how to use them (and use them responsibly!!!) isn't a bad thing. Some of the games are great for encouraging learning about actions and consequences, and some for letter and number recognition, animals and nature, learning shapes and more... Check out my post on the Fungooms for loads more online games, puzzles and stories

Owlieboo - a selection of fantastic simple games for your little one, suitable from babies upwards. Best online games I’ve found.

Starfall - a great online activity about letters and phonics; simple, colourful and cute animations. Suitable for babies upwards.

Bembo’s Zoo - a unique alphabet animation activity which will mesmerise you and your little ones for ages

Fisher Price - a selection of cute games for babies and toddlers with the usual Fisher Price characters. Teensy bit American though!

Tutitu - bright colourful puzzles, construction, games and colouring, with an easy interface, based on the Tutitu videos, which you can read about here


  1. I can't wait to try these out. We also like Boowa and Kwala. : )

    1. Ooh thanks, will have to check them out. :-)

  2. oh cool, i knew about starfall but hadn't seen the others, thanks for sharing, i'll have to try them out ... with Goblin of course


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