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Pretend Play - Playdough Cupcakes

This was another 'accidental' activity; Jake was digging in the kitchen cupboard and found the colourful cupcake cases and wanted to play with them. I wasn't super keen on him just ripping up the paper (which is probably what would happen if he was just given the cases alone) so I had a lightbulb moment (love those!) and got out the playdough, birthday candles and some foil cake tins. It was a hit! Jake loves pretending to play with cakes (blocks) and sweets (threading beads) so getting to actively make and decorate the "birthday cupcakes" was brilliant to him! 

Moulding playdough into little cupcakes
"Lovely birthday cupcakes for us all to share" - Jake
We 'ate' them all up and 'baked' some more
Such concentration.. 

This was a great activity, it incorporated all the good stuff about playdough play (dexterity, fine motor skills, creativity, object manipulation, shape recognition, etc) and encouraged lots of imaginative play, which is great for developing social skills (sharing, making things for others, giving and receiving, saying please and thank you), spacial awareness, self-expression and much more. This activity is also good for pre-maths skills - dividing the dough into sections, adding '1' candle to each cake, Most of all it was just lots of fun! 

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