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Re-purposed Chalk Table

We had acquired a wicker coffee table last year, which I had painted white and put in our old bathroom as a stool for Jake to brush his teeth and wash his hands. Now we've moved we no longer need one. Ive recently been creating a new play space for Jake (and Poppy as she grows up) and I was on the lookout for a Jake-sized table to go with his froggy chair for him to sit and draw, colour, do puzzles, eat snacks... then I remembered that the 'stool' was in the loft and was sure I could 'do it up' to be a good table! 

I had also just purchased some blackboard paint to re-cover the easel (as it was getting a bit tatty with accidental crayon marks and too much water painting) so I had a very mini lightbulb moment and decided to paint the inner surface of the table with the paint, so Jake would always be able to draw.

Well, Jake thought it was brilliant; the paint hadn't even completely dried matt     before he had to try out!  

Then I painted the border and corners green to match the froggy chair and it looked fab! It was met with delighted remarks from Jake, "Oh wow, Mummy, thank you, that looks lovely, well done Mummy, oh that's so kind of you!" :-) Job well done. I'll be posting about our new play space soon too. 


  1. I love it! I bet Jake does too!

  2. Loved this post - so want to do the same with our table.

    I've featured it in my round-up of kids chalkboard ideas, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x



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