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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Playdough and Straws

This is as simple as it sounds - you need some playdough and some straws, and you have another fun way to play with playdough...

I loved watching Jake play with this; his concentration faces were out in full force! He realised that when you push a straw through the playdough you can then push out little nuggets of playdough.

Sticking straws into playdough, pushing them through and squeezing the playdough out; all using and developing motor skills and muscles, as well as hand - eye coordination and concentration. This activity also explores material manipulation; encouraging an understanding of malleable and non-malleable surfaces and object permanence (understanding something is still there when you can't see it, ie the straw is inside the playdough and can come out the other side). It can also spark creativity using modelling skills. Playdough is great!

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