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Pom Poms and Pinchers

Another really simple activity for toddlers to do. All you need is some pom poms, some pinchers or tweezers (or just fingers for younger children) and 2 containers; we used a polystyrene tray and a jar. 
Lots of lovely colours to instantly engage
gorgeous textures too...
...which make you want to just grab them all!
Jake got to it straight away
developing fine motor skills and muscles (pre-writing)
I just love Jake's concentration faces!
Jake realised after about 7 pom poms it was much more sensible
 to just use his hands! He's not silly...!

Every last one back in the jar! Love my little

Really simple, lots of learning, and fun! As well as the fine motor skill development, this activity encourages colour and size awareness and the associated language (big, large, small, tiny, light blue, dark green, etc) and it could easily be tweaked to be a sorting activity, perhaps using 2 trays for big and small, or lots of pots for colour sorting. This activity also helps develop concentration, and is a great task for quiet/calm time. 

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