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#Readforgood - MeMeTales Readathon - Friendship

Join Readathon 2012We are really enjoying participating in the MeMeTales summer Readathon. Its currently week 2, and the theme is 'friendship'; some of the books available for free this week are the wonderful Stickfiggy books by Jane Marshall - you can read these books by signing up for the Readathon click here. 

'Stickfiggy Makes a Friend' tells a tale of how being helpful and kind can start a wonderful friendship, and 'Lotti's Tea Party' shows Lotti getting a lovely tea party ready for her friends. Inspired by both activities and by Jake's love of picnics and tea parties we had a picnic tea party with Mr Big Bear! :-)


I did suggest that perhaps we could invite more of our bears and rabbits and peppa pig friends, but Jake declined; it seemed he wanted a special picnic just for the two of them (which is interesting, as I almost always only ever socialise with one friend at a time - modelling behaviour!). He was careful to make sure Mr. Big Bear was comfortable and had plenty to eat! I have to say it was very sweet to watch, and the best thing is is that he happily shares his snacks with his real friends when they come to play too! Imaginary play is so much fun and so vital for children's development; Jake's at a perfect age for it now so I think we'll be doing lots more of it. :-) 


  1. How sweet! It's interesting bc my daughter likes playing with usually one real friend at a time, but likes playing with TONS of stuffed animals at a time.

    1. How old is your daughter Rebekah? Ive noticed big differences in boys and girl's play and social skills. :)

  2. Hello, I thought you might want to take a look at this competition on http://www.p2games.co.uk/comp.php to win a Wii Console and a Peppa Pig game.

  3. That is really cute. I love how he just wanted the one bear!


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