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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Stress Balls

This really is so easy! 

You will need: 
- playdough (for a quick homemade no cook recipe see here
- a balloon or 2 (we used one that had been blown up, and snipped the end to let the air out) 
- a marker pen/sharpie

optional extras:
- lavender oil or another smell daddy loves 
- some soft fabric to cover (we prefer the feeling without though)

Roll your playdough into a big ball, then wrap the playdough in the balloon material, we used 2 layers for durability. 

Tie the top of the balloon together or use an elastic band to secure it. 

Get your children to decorate the ball with a marker pen however they like. 
And that's it. 

We also doused the playdough and the outside of the ball in lavender oil for an added calming effect. If you're feeling handy you could also cover the ball in some nice soft fabric, and add a decorated gift tag. 

Super simple! If you already have the playdough it'll take about 10 minutes, if you need to make playdough about 20 minutes. And stress ball's are great for anyone, including children. You might also like our sensory balloons.

UPDATE: We had a disaster with our stress ball this morning! Check back later to see our new improved version with an added sentimental value!


  1. Oh no! Curious to hear what happened...

    1. I should have the post up tomorrow or Saturday! :-)


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