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#Readforgood Character Building - Free Reward Chart

We are really enjoying participating in the MeMeTales summer Readathon.

Join Readathon 2012Its currently week 3, and the theme is 'character building; some of the books available for free this week are the 'Good Habits to Have' by Jenny Feely  and more Stickfiggy books by Jane Marshall- you can read these books by signing up for the Readathon click here. 

I always try to be mindful of encouraging positive behaviours and allowing Jake to see how happy or proud something he has done or said has made me. I am, however, a bit torn with reward charts, as I want Jake to want to do whatever it is (tidy up, share toys, etc) himself rather than doing it simply for the reward.... But, I also think its important for him to be able to have a tangible and visible notion of all the good things he is doing to boost his confidence and self esteem, and I hope, develop an inner self motivation... 

With that in mind I created a relatively specific reward chart in order to work on any challenges or new tasks (sleeping through the night, potty training, using big words). 

I used basic pictures alongside the words so Jake could identify each thing more easily. I cut out lots of stars to stick on for each 'reward' and we just use blue tack to stick them on but velcro works well too. There is a blank space at the bottom for anything else that we want to reward that is not already on the chart; the chart is laminated so we an write on it with a wipe clean pen. We use a '5 stars and you get a treat' rule, you could change this to suit the age and personality of your child or not 'treat' at all.

For your free reward chart click the image below or download here. I recommend that you laminate it all, for longevity and to be able to write on it too. :-) 


  1. Hi, I don't seem to be able to download the chart. It comes up about an inch across when I click on the picture :(

    1. Please try again - i think ive fixed the link! :)


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