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Sock Stress Balls

So on Father's Day I posted a stress ball gift that we had made using just balloons and playdough, you can see that here. It was great.... until it broke. I think because I used a previously blown up balloon that the material wasnt very durable, but a new balloon would have been fine. Anyway, in an attempt to make sure the other half didn't go without I snook of upstairs to rustle something else up. Whilst looking through Jake's cupboards to find random art supplies or anything I could turn into something I spied some stripy socks that were too small for Jake now and I have the obviously brilliant idea to use them to make the stress balls with... 
So there you have it - a cute little gift idea, that literally took me about 3 minutes. Shove some playdough in a little sandwich bag or some cellophane, then into the socks. A bit of ribbon and a gift tag. Hurray! :D They're still going strong a month later and the fabric keeps the lavender smell better and longer than the balloons anyway. 

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