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Olympics - Show Jumping Play

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Im really excited to be posting about the olympics as part of the Kid Bloggers Go Olympics hosted by Rainy Day Mum, AngeliqueFelix.com, and Sun Hats and Wellieboots. I love the olympics; its such a fantastic spirited event, showcasing sports, talent, dedicated athletes and the world coming together! We've been watching lots of different events; Jake's really enjoyed the gymnastics and says "thats what I do Mummy" (he does go to a toddler gymnastics class!), the diving and the cycling. I love athletics, gymnastics, and the equestrian events; I used to compete in show jumping and eventing and still adore horses (I miss riding a lot!!). So its been fun planning some activities to do with Jake around this theme... It just so happened the individual show jumping was on as we were doing our activities 


Jake was very interested and curious when he woke up from his nap as to what was on the table! I told him it was show jumping play. He said, "like that on the TV. What shall we do?" So I picked up a horse and 'cantered' him round the course jumping each jump and declaring a 'clear round' at the end! 

Jake then set about dismantling the jumps and re-building them, jumping the horses and knocking down the fences... he had fun...

but when I told him we could go and do our own jumping outside his little face lit up, so off we went! 

These really were make-shift jumps; from buckets and brooms, forks, toys and a paddling pool for the obligatory water jump...

Jake loved running around leaping over the obstacles, "Im a horsey Mummy" he squealed... :) then he found the hose and that was much more fun...

We're lucky that some horses live in the field behind our garden and across the road; Im glad that they are familiar creatures for Jake. Just to share, here's a couple of pictures of me as a teenager with my horses. :) 

Im passing the torch to Train Up a Child tomorrow, but today you can also check out some more equestrian activities over at The Fairy and the Frog and some martial arts fun with Royal Baloo

Go Team GB!!!! 

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