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Easy Water Paints

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This is really easy. Its water and food colouring in an ice cube tray or any other small portioned container and some small paint brushes. Kids often paint with big gloopy paint and chunky brushes, so this is a nice alternative to explore small delicate painting (which develops fine motor skills and coordination) and aids in artistic creativity. Its also a great way to explore colour mixing as the colours bleed and blend perfectly, so leave a few cubes free in your tray to allow for this if you want.

There was some olive oil on one of the brushes which 
creeped into our paint, 
which looks lovely but doesn't help 
with painting much! 

We painted on kitchen roll as its super absorbent, but any good quality paper would be fine. Jake was actually more interested in mixing the colours and creating new paints than actually painting. :) This is a really easy activity to prepare and tidy up if you're in need of something quickly! 

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