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Summer Fun: Hose Play

Really not much for me to add to the photos for this post. Basically give your toddler or child a hose to play with and turn on the water!! The smiles of delight say it all really!

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  1. No words necessary!! :-) xx

  2. Ooooh you are brave! I dont think I would dare give Chester a hose!

  3. what a blessing that he's getting to experience the simple things that we all did as kiddos. not everything has to be bigger and better!! what a good momma you are! thanks for linking it up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  4. What joyous pictures. So much fun!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

  5. Love this simple but fun way to play! My oldest daughter loves to play with the hose! Thanks for sharing at Discover & Explore. I'll be featuring you this Tuesday. I look forward to seeing what you share next week for the Build It theme.

  6. Such fun :-)

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive - we're focused on all sorts of water play this week, Alice @ Mums Make Lists


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