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Ice and Goop

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This activity was completely inspired by Growing a Jewelled Rose; their ice and goop post is here. Make sure you head over there, if you haven't already, and browse through all her amazing sensory and play ideas. 

We did this, after pinning it to our 5 Days of Play board on Pinterest, which is a way that I plan some activities to do each day. You can follow a long each week too. 

We're having a lovely Indian Summer here, so this was a great way to play outside in the sunshine; all you need is water, food colouring or paint, ice cube trays, a couple of containers, and goop - which is cornflour and water mixed together. 
You can get your kids involved from the beginning. Jake helped me make the coloured ice cubes; adding a drop of colouring and then filling each cube with water, before leaving in the freezer. Then we turned them out and mixed up our goop. 

The coloured ice cubes can be an activity all on their own; they are vibrant and bright and the colours come off on your skin so you could use it as a way to cool down on a hot day and do some body painting! But adding to them goop was amazing.... 

The colours immediately started to run into the white goop, making patterns and mixing together (learning opportunity here!) Jake had lots of "wows" and "thats amazing" and "look!!!" He really enjoyed it! Then he realised that the ice was melting and getting smaller, so he rushed to get them all out and start again.

He spent ages mixing up the colours, adding and taking away different colours and slopping them around in the goop. Then eventually the ice melted and we were left with a pale green watery goop to play with... 

... so in Jake got (notice Poppy chilling out in the sunshine) and he made lots and lots and lots of mess.   
But it was totally worth it. :) A great sensory activity, for all year round. 

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  1. This looks so much fun. I love the swirling colours.

  2. How fun!! I think I would even like this.haha Thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru Tuesday. Have a great week.

  3. Beautiful photos!!! Thanks for the link love. Always appreciated! Pinned! :)

  4. Hi, fun idea, I've featured it on The Sunday Showcase http://www.herecomethegirlsblog.com/2012/09/22/the-sunday-showcase-sensory-play.html


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