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Introducing Poppy

So, I realised that I have never formally introduced Poppy. Up to now she's just been being a baby :), by which I mean, lots of cuddles, a bit of crying, lots of mummy's milk, grabbing everything within her reach and lots of gummy smiles... She's now moving into the next stage of life; that lovely time between newborn-ness and toddler mischief, when the world begins to expand past Mummy and Daddy and excitement is found in toys, books, random household objects, mirrors, water and lots of other play. And that means that Poppy will more than likely become a regular on the blog! So here she is.

As a diddy newborn.... and now....
...as a beautiful little girl!
I take a lot of photos of Jake and Poppy almost every day, and I am so glad about that as they change so much and so quickly. I love looking at their baby pictures, ogling over they're cuteness at each different stage, especially the tiny newborn stage that they are in for such a short time. When I discovered Bags of Love I was thrilled, as it meant that I could get a photo of Poppy, that my very talented photographer friend took, made into any number of keepsake items. I chose a baby blanket, as its something we could use every day and I thought she would probably love it when she's older. I had a crazy moment of imagining her as an 18 year old, leaving home and taking her blanket with her! haha, we'll see... 

Anyway, the blanket arrived (very quickly) and its just beautiful! The photo came out perfectly, and the blanket is really good quality; soft, thick, fleecy and warm. Id highly recommend Bags of Love for photo gifts, and they have all sorts of lovely things. :) 

Im so excited to start baby play with Poppy, and for Poppy and Jake to start playing together too. Im hoping to have a baby guest post series coming up soon too. So check back soon... 

This post was sponsored by Bags of Love. I was not financially compensated for the post, but did receive the product reviewed in return. 

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  1. Aw, Hello Poppy (I've got a similar photo of Goblin in a ball pit at that age) I love it when they get to that stage when they can interact and be interested in stuff.
    I will remind you of your line "I can't wait til they can start playing together" when you are linking up the "Why won't my siblings stop fighting over toys" posts to SPP. ; )


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