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Creating a Snail Garden

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Snails are one of Jakes most favourite things... he likes to keep them as pets (for about 20 minutes) and went through a really fun phase of carrying them around with him to 'cuddle'. Now, Im pretty laid back when it comes to mess and dirt and I really do let Jake play freely... but I really couldn't have snails in the house.. Jake was fairly reluctant to stay outside with his 'best friends', so I suggested to him that perhaps we could make a lovely snail garden for them that they would be happy in. It was met with an excited "Yes!"

We wandered up the lane a bit and collected some more snails from the hedgerow and walls, along with some sticks, stones, leaves and grasses. Just outside our front door is a rectangle of soil cut away from the driveway, so we arranged our garden bits in this area and placed each snail where Jake thought they would like to be. 

Jake also decided to add his collection of sea snail shells to decorate the garden...

This was King Snail... 

He was quite friendly as snails go :)

Jake was pretty enthralled with the whole thing. He was asking many questions about the snails and giving them all names. 

This is Jake's excited face :D 

This is the first snail to escape! Haha

and off goes another one... 

It was just a perfect morning for Jake; he just loved watching all the snails.

I can confirm that no snails were hurt in the making of this activity. ;)


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