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Easy Homemade Chalk Paint

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I make homemade paint quite often; its easy and much cheaper than store bought paint. But I had no food colouring in the house so decided to make some paint using chalk. My friend used chalk to colour Cloud Dough and she said it was really vibrant and she is right; it colours things really well. 

Simply put some chalk in a zip lock (or similar) bag and crush it.  

Crushing the chalk is an activity all of its own!! Lots of fun... 

Then add the crushed chalk to a little cornflour [corn starch]. 

you can sieve it, but I didnt....

next add a little water, start with a small amount of water, you can always add more.

mix it all up - and that's it! Lovely vibrant paints! Easy peasy. :)

As I spilt some paint I noticed that the colours didn't automatically blend into each other. I guess the corn flour stops it. Im sure you could get some fun effects with this, we will be experimenting soon. 

This time we used it as face paint! Jake wouldn't try it, but his lovely friend Sara was excited to have a butterfly painted on her cheek. It was a little gloopy as face paint, but with the paintbrush dipped in some water ever few strokes (a bit like water colours) it worked great, and it comes off easily with a wipe too, which is great for smaller children. 

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  1. Oooh, I did this without cornflour but I wonder what the difference would be with it? I shall have to give it a go. Thanks :)

  2. I am taking notes here (and pinning to my summer ideas board). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun idea! We will have to try this.


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