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Ice Cube Tray Lunch

Im lucky that Jake is not a picky eater at all, but I do still like to make mealtimes fun and varied for him. Like most toddlers and young children, he loves picking, and likes things with compartments - whether its for playing or eating so when I saw this on facebook from Wiley Valentine I just knew Jake would love it. And he does. :D  
Lots of children prefer their food to be kept separate on their plates so this works perfectly, it also keeps dips and sauces contained and its obviously really simple - just fill each cube with something tasty; we have - cheddar cheese, cucumber, breadsticks, ham grapes, apple rice cakes, sweetcorn, tomato, cream cheese, apple, strawberry, natural yoghurt. 

Yum! A bit like tapas for toddlers? ;) 

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