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Make Your Own Snowman Gift

Last year a lot of the christmas gifts we gave were home made or baked. I made this for Jake's friend Ella who was 2 years old. It was really simple to make and Im told she really liked it :) 
What you need: 
  • some twigs
  • some wool, ribbon or fabric for the scarf
  • a bit of orange crayon (for the carrot) 
  • some raisins (for the 'coal' 
  • some glitter (just because) 
  • some salt dough (white playdough could also work well or try my Homemade Modelling Clay)

I also wrote out a basic instruction sheet (when I make them this year I will do a proper instruction sheet on the computer, which you can download and print off here    

Then I packed it all up in a jar.... 

and wrapped!

A great little gift for any kid! :) And of course this can modified however you like; add a little knitted hat, or you could add some paints to your jar to be used once the salt dough has dried.

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