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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Winter Sensory Play - Playing with Salt

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Salt is a cheap and lovely sensory material that can easily be coloured or glittered (!) and has endless opportunities for play; pouring, scooping, drawing in, stirring, digging... add water to it and it becomes like damp sand and is moldable and you can make mini sand castles (it also hoovers up really easily!)

 Have you ever noticed that salt also has a natural sparkle, just like snow? :) 

Give your child a tub of salt, a couple of spoons and pots, and watch...

Doesn't it look inviting?

A tray or tub that is a contrasting colour makes any mark making show up really well.

Make piles of 'snow', bury things, grab handfuls of it... 

draw lines in it with your fingers and make shapes

This is a lovely open ended activity with so much potential for variation and extension. You could add animals and trees to make a snowy forest, add diggers for some snow ploughing action, add silver glitter for some sparkly fun, add a little water or even ice cubes for some snowman building... Check back for some more winter sensory play ideas coming up!

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