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Cinnamon Sparkle Playdough

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We're really getting into Christmas crafts and activities now. I have lots of christmas playdough ideas up my sleeve and this is the first one we tried a couple of days ago. Yummy festive cinnamon sparkle playdough. 

I used our normal no-cook playdough recipe, which I modified from here. and added red food colouring, gold and red glitter, and lots of cinnamon.

I offered up some christmas cookie cutters with the playdough, as well as the normal box of tools. 

Here are my two lovelies playing together. :D

A dove seemed christmassy appropriate. :)

A handy tip - store this in a sealed container with a cinnamon stick to retain the lovely seasonal scent. 
Check back for more christmas playdough and other crafts and activities soon. And stay connected with Creative Playhouse:

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