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Easy Homemade Gift Tags

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Jake got this fabulous Melissa and Doug alphabet stamp set for his birthday. He has been really enjoying using it to make letters and I have been helping him to make words like 'Daddy' and 'Poppy'. 

Stamping and printing is a great way for children to create with shapes, images, letters and numbers, which they may not yet be able to draw or write themselves. 

As Jake happily stamped away, and then began lining up the stamps to make 'really long words', I sat with him, cutting out some gift tag templates for us to decorate later... but then thought that using the stamps to write christmas words would be a great idea. :)

So I found some old christmas wrapping. I loved the sparkly circles on this one.

I knew that as soon as I started to cut them out that Jake would want to join in, and he did. He knows his shapes, but it's always good to have opportunities to re-visit them, and this was one, and we talked about them being silver (he still sometimes thinks anything metallic is gold) and sparkly, shiny, glittery (all good words!!). 

I finished cutting them out, and then we stuck them on our little cards together. (the cards are just cardboard from boxes cut into small rectangles and folded). 

Then we printed the words on the cards. Jake picked out the letters as I asked for them, we stamped together, and I showed Jake the words and we sounded them out and made the words. 

Really simple, homemade gift tags, that your little ones can help you make. With lots of learning opportunities too. :) 

These could also be great christmas cards too, on a larger scale. 

Don't forget to make a hole in the corner for some ribbon too, to attach to presents. We'll doing this when we have made some more! We have a star stamper too so I think we'll have to incorporate that into our designs. :)

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  1. Very sweet! Great way to get reluctant writers spelling too...

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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