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Gingerbread Candy Cane

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We made gingerbread last week; it was so much fun and really delicious. We used this simple recipe from Taming the Goblin. To make a candy cane you need to split your mixture in half and mix in red food colouring; I suggest the paste kind for a more vibrant colour. 

Make two worm like lengths from your dough. 

Then twist them together. 

Then bend the top to make your candy cane shape - carefully - and you may have to make a couple of repairs here. Then bake at about 180 degrees (fan oven) for 10 or 15 minutes. 

Icing the white was Jake's idea, and a nice touch I think. :)
And there you have it; a delicious gingerbread candy cane treat. If you're brave you could add peppermint essence to it too. :-o 

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  1. Icing was the perfect touch! What a wonderful cooking project.


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