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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Simple Glitter Ornaments and Gift Tags

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Jake loves glue, and glitter. Activity made, right there then. And why not a christmas theme and purpose. Here is how we made very simple christmas gift tags and ornaments:

I used  with grease proof paper, glue (PVA [uk], white or school [usa]) and LOTS of glitter. 

Draw a picture with glue, this is a snowflake that Jake and I squeezed out together. We also did a star and a christmas tree, you could do any shape, letter or picture you like. 

Then shake shake shake the glitter, until it is totally covered. 

We used purple, silver and gold for the star - so pretty! 

Dont worry about any imperfections or messiness, as you can cute them out once the glue has dried. 

Leave them to dry for a few hours. 

So, I had thought that I could peel the glue off once it had dried.. and it did sort of work on some of it, but it wasn't all thick enough. So I just cut them out, which worked just fine. If your child is older, this would be a great cutting exercise too. 

Our snowflake went straight on our tree :), the star went on Jake's friend's birthday present as a tag, and we are using the christmas tree (which looks much more fabulous in real life than the photo) as a gift tag wrap embellishment too. So pretty and super sparkly!! 

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  1. this is a fun idea! i don't think i've ever seen these before! so pretty!


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