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Toilet Roll and Twigs Reindeer Craft

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We had this pinned on our Christmas Activities and Crafts board, from Kiertoidea, today I let Jake pick an activity he liked the look of from our pin board and he chose this. We have toilet rolls in abundance, and popped outside and braved the cold to find some twigs, and that was all we needed. 

Half an hour later Jake was making 'camp fires' with the sticks we hadn't used and I was attempting to stop the reindeer's head from wobbling off... I made the holes for the sticks a little too big. 

Basically you need one larger stick to connect the head to the body, for even shorter sticks for the legs, and 2 really twiggy sticks for the antlers. Just push the sticks through where you want them to go and you have a reindeer. :) 

These could be painted too to be even more reindeer like, like RedTedArt did originally, tho I do quite like the simplicity of it like this too. Im hoping to do some more toilet roll christmas characters, so perhaps we will have a whole christmas scene soon. :) 

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