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Pretty Colourful Sensory Tray

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We made and played with this oh so pretty sensory tray a while ago. Jake actually put most of it together himself, for his friend who was coming around for a playdate. I asked him what he thought Ella would like to play with and he set about collecting everything pink and purple for her. 

He picked out buttons, pom poms, feathers, beads and asked for some rice (we had a pot of pre-dyed lilac coloured rice on the shelf). 

I was quite impressed at all the wonderful textures he found. The feathers were especially lovely. 

I asked him if he thought Ella would like the blue salt that we had in jar too. He thought about it and told me it wasn't pink or purple, but I pointed out that it was the same colour as some of the buttons he'd chosen and he said it all looked pretty so yes she would like it. 

He created a beautiful array of colours and textures to play with. Ella did really enjoy playing with it (we added some spoons and pots too), and we saved it and played with it ourselves a few times afterwards, including creating some very pretty cupcakes (post coming soon). 

What I loved about this activity was how simple it was. So many sensory trays are based around themes, small worlds or celebrations. This was simply based around some pretty colours. I loved that Jake helped to create it too, he was engaging with colour recognition, creativity, making choices, and in this case, thinking of others too. 

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  1. How lovely of Jake to pick colours especially for his friend. The sensory tray looks great, you've inspired me to make one tomorrow. xx

  2. This is gorgeous! How sweet that your son helped put it together.
    -Ann @ My Nearest and Dearest


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