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Family Movie Night with #CBias

I am taking part in The Abundant Mama project from Awesomely Awake, and recently took Mama Scout's Family E-lab, both of which have greatly encouraged me to slow down, take time and make moments. Over at one of my favourite blogs, Connecting Family & Seoul, they have been similarly inspired and do a Monday's Mini Family Adventure, where each week they save up loose change and then do something together as a family. I particularly like their Family Movie Night idea and decided Id like to do this too...

So, we saved up our loose change all week, and Jake decided (at the start of the week) that he wanted to buy popcorn, I scheduled a shopping trip where we could all go and pick out some snacks and treats, and downloaded a couple of films to choose from. We chose A Bug's Life. 

On Saturday we popped into town and went to Boots to buy a birthday gift, look for socks, and browse their snack and beverage selection. Here are some snapshots of our trip:

Jake absolutely loved browsing the snacks, getting the basket by himself, and choosing what he wanted. 
We got our snacks, and a birthday gift for our friend. 

You can see all our pictures from our little shopping trip here on my Google + album.

Jake chose his popcorn - strawberry and white chocolate popcorn no less! I chose a chocolate flapjack and some Cherry Coca Cola (its been ages since I have had this and I forgot how yummy it is!), and Matt chose some crisps and a bottle of Coke.

I also wanted to balance out our yummy treats with some heathy options too, so decided a fruit platter with dips would work well for everyone, including little Poppy.

After a busy morning and Jake's nap, I prepared our family movie night (which was at about 3pm). Jake was so excited (mostly about his popcorn I think), Daddy was very much up for a relaxing afternoon on the sofa with snacks and drinks, and I was looking forward to us all doing something together. Then we all bundled round the sofas and the TV. 

Poppy really enjoyed herself too... before she fell asleep for her afternoon nap 10 minutes in... :)

Whilst Jake did not make it through the whole film before wanting to get up and play, it was so lovely to make time for us all to do something together, and spending a couple of days preparing it and talking about it made it all the more exciting and poignant. 

The shopping trip was a great way to get us each involved in preparing the occasion, and it was nice to see what each of us chose as a special treat, instead of all getting the same thing - this also turned out to be a great lesson in sharing too; Jake tried some of my flapjack and some of Matt's crisp and he offered to share his popcorn with us too, which was lovely! 

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  1. Sounds like a you had a great time shoping and watching a movie! I like the idea of mini family adventures.

  2. We used to have themed movie nights with another family when our children were young. Sometimes we would dress up, decorate the room or have special snacks to go along with the movie we were watching. It was so much fun. I can't wait to get to do that with my grandkids.


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