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Winter Outdoor Play - Messy Mud Kitchen

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In Jersey (UK) we dont get much snow or freezing weather, but we do get a lot of dreary rainy days, which leads to a whole lot of muddy gardens and fields! Its so easy to just stay inside and do delightful crafts, read books snuggled up on the sofa, bake delicious treats, and play with all the wonderful toys we got for christmas... but even that in its all its goodness grows tired and I just want to go outside, and boy, so does Jake! He is so happy in the summer months, when he can potter about in the fresh air, run free on the beach and we go for warm evening walks before bed...

So, we're endeavouring to go outside more, whatever the weather, and to do that we are embracing the wonderful muddy mess that brings with it! I want to share with you how we made a magnificent mud kitchen! :)

Actually it was very simple...
 We just took out some pots and pans, spoons, whisks and jars, set them up on the picnic table and dug for mud! :)
Jake set to work making mud pies and mud cakes and mud eggs?! 
 He stirred and scooped...
whisked and poured... 

and got delightfully messy. 
But then the marvellous mud kitchen was abandoned...

 ...for this... (would you just look at that face!?)

The field behind our garden has just been ploughed and sewn for potato crops, so the side of the field has fantastic tractor trenches full of mud and water! 
A little boy's dream, I think!
 Muddy water to explore,
stomp, squelch and splash... 

and to get wellies stuck in...
"It feels nice on my feet" Lovely! 

And this is what we were left with!
A lot of mud and mess... and a very happy boy!
But hey, its only mud, and it all goes in the wash for another day of play!

Speaking of laundry, I want a new Samsung Ecobubble it allows washing at 15 degrees so uses 70% less energy than a 40 degree wash cycle. It mixes air and water to create bubbles allowing the detergent to quickly penetrate clothing - to get out all that lovely mud!! And I have to share this video of their Ecobubble photo shoot... haha, really made me giggle. 

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. I'm so glad you aren't afraid of letting your little man get dirty. I remember the first time we our niece played out in the rain. She hadn't done that before and wasn't too sure what to do. My daughter led the way running around and jumping in puddles. They were so fun to watch.


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