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Bubble Dough

This is amazing! I sort of made it by accident, well not by accident, but just through curiosity... after making our Cold Sensory Snow with shaving foam and cornflour, I wondered what other liquids and cornflour would do. Id also seen Play Create Explore's wonderful Ice Cream Dough (which is on our list to do, I have a bottle of strawberry conditioner waiting just for this!) so I looked in my kitchen for what we had a lot of. Washing up liquid, [or dish soap] is what we had, so in it went into a bowl of cornflour [cornstarch]! I stirred it up and mushed it together and a wonderous sensory dough appeared in front of my eyes. ;) 
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
I used a pomegranate and honey washing up liquid which is red, and mixed with the cornstarch went this lovely bubblegum pink! 
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 The dough is malleable and mouldable.
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 The cornstarch in it makes it break with force cleanly.
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 And if you handle it gently and hold it from a height it kinda goes goopy and drips down (with no mess!). A bit like putty, I guess.
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 Its amazing!
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 It also works with regular liquid hand soap:
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 Jake loved its squishiness!
Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse
 He told me it felt soft and light and nice.
 Love how much he concentrates when he is enjoying something...
And it smells lush! You could add smell to it of course, but you dont really need to because the soap smells nice already.
I could not stop playing with it. It is not sticky or messy at all, and feels soft and lovely on your hands, and it doesn't dry your hands out like playdough can. Also its SUPER easy to clean, it is made from soap after all. The little residue that is left on your hands just turns into soap when you wash your hands and bam, its all cleaned up. Really love this so much, we will be playing with it lots!

THE RECIPE: I used aprox 1 cup of cornflour to 1/4 cup of washing up liquid, but it wasn't exact. Its best to add the liquid slowly until you get the desired consistency. 

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