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Dinosaur Small World

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Jake loved this dinosaur land small world tray that I set up for him. It is really simple to create; I used some bergamot wheat and rice, a few pasta shells, some large pebbles and some plastic trees, and our dino figures.
I loved how Jake got all the dinosaurs out of the bucket and lined them up around the tray, ready to play. He told me that the tray looked like a dessert forrest and that the dinosaurs would like it. :) Its amazing to watch his imagination grow... 
He set some of the dinosaurs up in the tray, fed them trees and seeds and had them climb the rocks. Then the dinosaurs began to fly, jump, roar and run around! :) He matched up similar dinos and they played together... the tiny dinosaurs were too small for the tray apparently and had to 'watch'. 
He had loads of fun! And it was a great reminder to me of how good small world play is for imagination and storytelling. :) 

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  1. Wow! What an amazing small world! My youngest loves dinosaurs, she would love this idea
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. After a trip to a museum with a fossil dig, we've declared this week.."dinosaur week" at our house! I am definately going to so some small world play. Yours looks so cool! Do you mind if I include a link to it at the bottom of our post when it gets up?

  3. What fun! I love watching the imagination at work when little ones are engaged in small world play.


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