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Homemade Modelling Clay

After the success I had with our Bubble Dough and One Minute Playdough Ive been experimenting with other ingredients and Im so very excited about this outcome!
 I mixed half a cup  of PVA glue (white glue) with 1 cup of cornstarch / cornflour, and got this wonderful modelling clay.
Its soft, light and malleable, not sticky at all. 
 Its easy to shape and mould
 and is just like store bought modelling clay
 It is obviously white, which is great if you want to paint it after its dried, or you could add food colouring to the glue if you want it coloured to model with. 
Jake really enjoyed playing with it too, as its a lovely light dough like texture... 
 ...and asked me to make him a heart, so I did :) 
We popped it in the oven at 100Âșc for about an hour and a half to see if it would harden like modelling clay and it did! 
We also left a ball of it out and it also harden by air drying over night! 

I love discovering simple to make materials like this and we'll definitely be experimenting with colours and painting afterwards.  

Jake has already found out that it takes crayons very well. :)

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