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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Sensory Playdough Gifts

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Jake and I made this mini selection of sensory playdough for his friend Sara's 3rd birthday. She loves tactile and textured materials so we started off with this lovely rough textured porridge playdough. All 3 

To the no cook playdough ingredients we added some rolled oats and some brown sugar (this does not make it sticky), both gave a lovely thick and rough texture, and there was a slight, well... porridgey...smell from the oats and the sugar. 
Next we made some Coffee playdough, which was all about the beautiful marbling colours and the rich smell! We just added a few instant coffee granules, and for this recipe we substituted about 1/4 cup of  the warm water for coffee. It smelled amazing, and the granules added a lovely coarseness to playdough. 

Everyone's favourite was the Chocolate Mint, Add cocoa powder for the delicious chocolatey-ness, a tiny drop of peppermint oil for the wonderful minty spell and some green glitter for the extra sensory sensation. This was really lovely playdough!
When all three were ready we popped them into some air tight containers (left over takeaway pots actually!) And made some simple labels with our Melissa & Dough Alphabet Stamps.
I love using these stamps as its a great way to let Jake create too...
 We sound out the words, and he chooses the letters and stamps them down.
 He was pretty proud of his creation!
Then we stacked the three bowls on top of each other and wrapped with homemade paper, added a lovely ribbon and gift tag, and off we went to Sara's party. :)
Sara (and her Mum) seemed to really like the gift, and other parents commented on what a nice present it was too. Everyone loved the chocolate mint! 

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  1. I can't decide which of these to try making first! I'm leaning towards the coffee, but that may because it's 6 am here and I need more of it.


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