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Cardboard Car and Masking Tape Roads

Jake asked if we could make something, so we browsed my Kid's Arts & Crafts pinterest board and I asked him to choose something he liked the look of; not surprisingly my little car lover picked these toilet roll cars from Kifli es Levendula

So I followed their simple tutorial and we made a cute little car. Jake chose yellow paint and the number '2'. He helped me paint the toilet roll tube and draw around the circles, and then I fixed it together. We did not have any split pins for the wheels, so I used twist ties, which worked OK, although Im sure split pins would be much easier! 

So, we had a little car, which Jake was very pleased with. He decided to get one of his little people to be the driver. It fit perfectly. :) 

Then, I thought it would be fun to add to the play by creating some roadways. I love how Connecting Family and Seoul made roadways with tape, so I used some masking tape and a black sharpie to make some roadways on our table.
Jake thought it was great, and got some more cars out to have races with. 
He loved how the wheels really went around as well... and pushed the car back and forth to see them turning. 
It also sparked some lovely pretend play too... the cars went very fast and had a bit of a crash... 
... but the wooden fireman were on hand to rescue! (no picture of this unfortunately as it was precious) And the car and driver were fine! :) 
I couldn't resist making a little animation with the car! Jake thought it was amazing and had a LOT of questions about how the car was moving by itself.... 

Homemade play is a lot of fun, and is a great way for you to be involved with and connected to your child's play. 
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  1. Goblin just saw this on pinterest as I was scrolling through and he said I want to do that, and i want to make a road - you sure know what appeals to kids our boys age don't ya. Off to find a loo roll

  2. Aw, boys and their cars! This looks great! Popping over from Sun Scholars linky.
    Georgina @ Craftulate

  3. That turned out really cute! Looks like a fun project.

  4. Ok, I'm so doing this for my little boy. How is it that they can have a million cars and still never get tired of them? Pinning! P.S. My little guy is named Jake too!

  5. Oh that is too cute! I love the little car.

    I have featured this on the Sunday Showcase - imaginative play ideas: http://www.herecomethegirlsblog.com/2013/03/30/the-sunday-showcase-imaginative-play.html


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