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The Open School of Creative Arts

The Open School of Creative Arts
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Connecting Families Through Creative Play - April

Our latest session started on the 5th August!! Look out for details of the next session and further projects...

Im so excited to tell you about this project.

Myself and Gina from Connecting Family and Seoul are offering a 30 day E-workshop on Connecting Family through Creative Play. March's class is now underway and April registration is now open. Let me tell you about it. :) 

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of children from 0 - 5 years old, but anyone is welcome to join if they feel it would be beneficial to them. 

This is for you if you want to - 
  • make deeper connections with your children
  • discover new creative ways to play 
  • find fun ways to bring your whole family together
  • explore your family relationships and find creative ways to strengthen them
  • create lasting family traditions centred around fun and togetherness
  • deepen your understanding of the benefits of play and how it can help your children and yourself   
Perhaps you, your children, or your family have been through some stressful times? Or faced problems with behaviour, finances, conflict or separation? You may have had personal issues that you feel have stopped you bonding or connecting with your children in the way you want? Perhaps you are a stay at home parent that is tired of the day in, day out and want to enrich your family's lives? Or maybe you just want to focus on and spend time playing creatively and connecting with your family. 

We are not just catering for the 2.4 family! :) This workshop is for any kind of family; any amount of children and parents, any situation and circumstances, and from anywhere in the world. 

If you are still not sure whether this workshop is for you, continue reading and feel free to email or comment with any queries. 

How does the workshop work?

Each day you will receive an email with ideas and information on a specific topic, followed by an inspiration to play, and a creative, play and/or family challenge. 

This is by no means a graded course. This is a workshop that you can work through with your family however it works for you, and you can choose to be part of the community that comes along with the workshop, where you can share your experiences, and chat to other taking part in the workshop. 

You will also receive some special guest posts from wonderful mums/writers who specialise in creative play and creative family living. 

Gina and I will be available to you through the facebook community or via email throughout the 30 days to support you in your journey. 

How will the workshop benefit you and your family?

What you get out of the workshop will be partly dependant on how much you put into it. :) 
But you will definitely get 
  • Tons of creative play ideas that you can adapt to your family's needs and interests
  • Fun, interesting and lasting ways to connect with your children
  • Ideas to capture the experiences you have and memories you make with your family
  • Guidance and support on your journey, however great or small you choose to make it
  • A space to meet and share with like-minded people 

How much does the workshop cost?
You can register now for the introductory price of "Pay-What-You-Wish!" from $10 +
We feel so passionate about helping families connect with their children through play that we want to offer this course in a way that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Please enter amount from $10 - $50 after adding this e-Workshop to your cart. 

If you are a blogger or content creator and would like to take this course in return for sharing it with your readers please leave a comment or email us.

If you want to ask us any questions about the workshop before you sign up please leave a comment or feel free to email us here. You can also read Gina's spin on it here.


A bit about us:

Both Gina and I are passionate about hands on creative play and making mindful connections to our children, and we're really excited to bring this workshop to you.

Gina is a stay-at-home mom to Grady (2.5) and has recently moved back to her hometown in Pennsylvania. She started blogging in 2011 as a way to record her family's memories and share ways to foster connections through play and inspiration. She received her B.A. in Sociology and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. Prior to becoming a SAHM, Gina taught 4th and 5th grade in the public school systems. To learn more about Gina, click here.

Kat is a work at home mum of 2, to Jake (3) and Poppy (1), and hails from the UK. She blogs creatively about her two passions, play and parenting, at Creative Playhouse and her collaborative blog, Mummyology. She received her B.A. in Performance Studies and earned an M.A. in the Arts. Her background includes early years education and special needs (with a focus in autism.) To learn more about Kat, click here.

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  1. Wow, good for the two of you! I think this is a much needed course in our current world of busy schedules and disconnected families. This is the first course of this kind I have every heard of and I will be recommending it to my daycare clients.

    1. Thanks Jana! That's great. Really appreciate you spreading the word. Are you going to join in too? :)

  2. I think this is a wonderful idea for an e-course!

    1. Thanks Maryanne :) Wanna join us too?

  3. What a wonderful E-Course for families! If you'd ever be interested in doing a give-away on my blog, I love to do a post about your course and offer my readers a chance to win a spot in one of your classes! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!! http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2013/03/flip-trainer-review-at-eco-kids-tuesday.html

    1. Thanks Hannah, that would be wonderful, will be in touch!

  4. Hi will you be running any more courses this year... Id love to join in

  5. Hi, will you be running any more courses this year. It sounds like so much fun!

    1. Hi Virginia, yes we will have one on sale at the end of May for probably July or August, then we may run it again in the Autumn. Hope you will be able to join us.


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