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The Open School of Creative Arts
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Brilliant Baby Play

I am excited to launch my first series; Brilliant Baby Play. This will cover lots of fun and easy baby play ideas from sensory tubs, art activities, creative play, the best baby books, physical development, first learning, baby toys, heuristic play, and lots lots more! The activities we'll be exploring will be aimed at babies, which roughly covers 0 - 18 months.

I am kicking off the series with a week or two of fantastic guest posts from friends in the blogosphere! I will add all the posts here as we go for easy reading. I really hope you love this series and it provides you with lots of wonderful play ideas for your very little ones.

We're starting here - From Fun at Home with Kids we have Dirt & Worms: Super Easy Sensory Play

From Powerful Mothering we have Discovery Baskets for Babies:

From Ghostwriter Mummy comes Foam Painting

From KZ and Me we have Demolition Derby:

From Nothing if Not Intentional - Edible Sensory Play: 

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  1. So many great ideas! Almost makes me wish we had a baby again... almost!

  2. great post. now that baby brother is almost 6 mo i am looking forward to sharing some of my first baby post. I just started a baby pin board and pinning this:-) Jaime@FSPDT

    1. Thanks Jaime. Baby Play is a lot of fun. :)


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