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Brilliant Baby Play - Edible Sensory Play

Im thrilled to welcome Rachael from Nothing If Not Intentional, a beautiful blog on family activities to post about Edible Sensory Play for our Brilliant Baby Play Series

Don't you love watching babies interact with and discover new things? It's one of my favorite parts of being a parent! But sometimes it's hard to find age-appropriate play materials for my baby (9 months). Whether it is lead paint, BPA, or choking hazards, it seems like there's always reason to worry. This is one of the many reasons we love playing with things that are 100% edible. I don't have to frustrate my baby by constantly taking things out of her mouth, and she needs NO encouragement to play--she loves to eat! The focus is on her discovery and fun.

Want a few yummy play ideas for your baby? Here are three to get you started:


Could there be a simpler sensory material? I think not! (Don't worry--while it may seem basic and boring to adults, remember that it's new and exciting for babies!) Someday soon my baby will be ready for more complex baby play that involves things like scooping, dumping, and transferring But, for now, she likes to:

Splash and spill.
Edible sensory play--water
Watch big sister pour.

Edible sensory play--water

Drool on the toys.
edible sensory play--water
And try to pick up the water with her little fingers and hands.

When it's really hot this summer, we'll vary the activity by adding colored ice cubes into the mix!

Another favorite edible sensory material:


To contain the mess, I simply placed my baby in the box with the cereal. As I expected, my baby spent the first ten minutes of this activity shoveling big handfuls of cereal into her mouth. An all-you-can-eat cereal buffet? It was a dream come true for my little foodie!

edible sensory play--cereal

Once she took a break from eating, she squished the cereal in her fingers and wiggled her toes.
edible sensory play--cereal
She dumped it from a cup, banged the cups together, and even picked up the shovel.
edible sensory play--cereal
We used puffed millet, but the pieces are quite small and could end up in a baby's nose. Wheat puffs ($1 per bag at my local grocery store and Walmart!) are my preferred cereal of choice. Of course, cheerios and baby puffs would also work.

Once you've tried water and cereal--combine the two! Check out this post for a fun example of how to exercise those little fine motor skills.


Last but not least, yogurt is a classic sensory experience that your baby can enjoy as soon as you introduce dairy.

Squishy, messy, yummy, nutritious play! It's a great first introduction to texture and temperature While eating, I talk with my girls about how it is cold, slimy, and wet.
Edible sensory play--yogurt
Sometimes we put it on her high chair and call it breakfast. :)

Edible sensory play--yogurt

Bonus: for big sister, we used food coloring to turn yogurt into a color mixing illustration!

Want more baby play ideas? You'll find plenty in the "baby" section on our blog. We'd love to have you visit!

Nothing if Not Intentional started as a way for Rachael and Nate to share stories from their ten trips to Guatemala. It is now an outlet for Rachael's writing (she's a former English major), a place to share tips from their travels (Nate's a pilot), and a way to hold them accountable as they seek to intentionally raise their two young girls (2 1/2 years and 9 months). You can connect with Nothing if Not Intentional on Facebook, Pinterest, and .
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