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Counting with Marbles and Bath Mats

I saw this idea on Pinterest from Play, Create, Explore of using the suction cups on the bottom of bath mats to hold marbles as a fine motor and counting activity. We have some small bath mats from the 99p store, which are perfect for this. 
I started the activity by setting it up as an invitation to play. Jake always responds well to activities set up in this way on the table, especially if it involves materials he has not seen before.
He immediately got to work, and counted out loud as he went.
It took him about a minute to complete the two shapes that I put out, so I quickly ran up and got some more. 
It occurred to me that it would be great to have different coloured mats to use as a sorting or matching activity. Or you could even colour the suckers with a sharpie to encourage matching patterns. Another idea would be to complete one shape yourself with a specific pattern and ask your child to copy the pattern. Otherwise just simple placement like we did is great fun anyway. 
This activity encourages counting, shape recognition, spacial awareness and develop fine motor skills. Its super easy to set up, and clean up, and has lots of opportunity for expansion. 


  1. This is such a cute concept. I like your idea of having different color mats and your patterns idea. Lots of possibilities. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Sam! Im definitely going to get a Sharpie out next time and experiment with patterns.

  2. Great idea! Adding a tong is also a great extension to develop fine motor skills.x

    1. that's a great idea Isil. Jake would love that too! :)


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