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Even Better Bubble Dough

So, a few months ago we made Bubble Dough. Its fabulous. But this version is even better.... read on! 
I was making some yesterday, and decided to add some cooking oil to it, to see what it did. Well it didnt seem to do a whole lot to start with, except make it sticky, but I kept kneading it in and it started to stop being sticky, and turned into a lovely dough, just like the bubble dough we made before, but the oil made it so soft and even stretchier than before. Here are some pictures so you can see how gorgeous and fun this sensory material is:
Super stretchy...
... and goes all swirly!
 You can see how soft it looks...
...and its not sticky and messy at all! 

Then we added purple glitter, because purple glitter makes everything better.
 You can see here how its very dough like... 
 and totally mouldable, like playdough... 

The ratios I've found works best is 1 cup of cornflour/cornstarch : half a cup of washing up liquid/dish soap : 2 tsp olive/cooking oil.  However, I also think it's best to add the ingredients slowly, knead well; and if it's too sticky, add more flour, if its too crumbly add more liquid.

If you have tried this and it doesnt work, try using handsoap or shower gel instead. People have reported issues using Dawn dish soap in particular. 

I hope you enjoy playing with Bubble Dough, and if you do please come and share your pictures on our facebook page.

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